1. Purpose
  2. The Advisory Board of the CS Department is a group of industrial, business, legislative, and professional leaders who are interested in the vitality of the CS Department at KSU. The Board helps the CS Department to strengthen its learning, research, and outreach programs, improve its facilities, expand its base of support, and serve its alumni. Board members actively participate in the continual assessment of the Department's progress and the development of Department/industry partnerships. Specifically, Advisory Board members are asked to:

    • Provide advice from the perspective of alumni, successful computing science and software engineering practitioners, industry and business leaders and other external entities regarding the relevance of our programs and the effectiveness of our internal operations
    • Provide a connection between our faculty and students on campus and the various industries the Board members represent
    • Provide leadership to the many KSU CS alumni; this leadership comes in the form of service and financial support

  3. Operation
  4. The Board will meet at least once annually, typically on Friday and Saturday of the last home football game weekend of September (?). The Department Head, in consultation with the Board Chair, can call additional meetings.

    Electronic meetings (phone teleconference, e-mail, desktop video, etc.) can be scheduled by the Department Head whenever the need arises. Informal communications are advisable and expected between the Department Head, members of the Board, and CS faculty.

    A simple majority of the members of the Board will constitute a quorum.

    A simple majority of the members present is required for any election or adoption of any resolution.

  5. Membership
  6. The Board shall consist of a maximum of 12 members, each holding the term of four years, plus Emeritus members whose term shall be for life or until resignation. All members, including Emeritus, shall be selected by the CS Department Head with advice from the members of the Board and the CS faculty.

    The Board shall elect a Chair; it is the responsibility of the Chair to compile a report following every meeting for the Department Head. The Chair shall be responsible for presiding over all meetings of the Advisory Board.

    The Department Head and the Chair of the Board shall be responsible for establishing the agenda for all Board meetings.

    The Chair can refer matters to ad hoc committees based on recommendations received from the members of the Board or the Department Head. All ad hoc committee members, including the Chair of the committee shall be appointed by agreement between the Chair of the Board and the Department Head.