Advising Goals

Goals of Advising in the CS Department

1. Assist students in setting educational and career objectives commensurate with their educational background, abilities and commitment. 2. Assist students in development of short-term and long-term curricular plans which maximize chances for academic success and a predicted graduation date. 3. Monitor each student's academic performance and progress throughout his/her academic career and, where appropriate, recommend participation in university honors and accelerated programs or, where difficulties which threaten their continued success and enrollment in Kansas State University are anticipated or experienced, make referrals to appropriate support services. 4. Assist students in career objectives and searching for student employment that will enhance their employability. 5. Maintain a relationship with students that will encourage participation in the advising process.

The General Advising Process in the CS Department.

Student advising will generally take place on a planned basis during the early enrollment period or on an ad-hoc basis as the need arises for students. A few weeks before the early enrollment period each semester, the department sends each student an e-mail telling when the enrollment period starts, suggested periods for advising, and course information that may apply. The student is requested to go to the CS advising page and click on "Schedule an Appointment" to make an appointment with his/her advisor during the appropriate time period and to prepare by reviewing his/her flowchart and DARS report and selecting possible courses. The student should bring the flowchart to the advising appointment. The flowchart serves two purposes: (1) encourages the student to take responsibility for knowing their requirements and planning the semester, and (2) helps the student and advisor make efficient use of precious advising time. The other advising is done as students encounter the need for help. The advisors in the department can be reached by email, phone, and appointments may be made online at the CS advising page. The department advisors have an "open-door" policy for students who need to see an advisor without delay. Students in the department should not hesitate to see an advisor if they feel it is beneficial or necessary.