High performance computing (HPC) is an increasingly critical foundation for research across the disciplines, from improving the foundations of linguistic analysis to protecting lives through better bullet-resistant vests. At K-State, our cluster, “Beocat,” provides critical computational resources for millions of dollars in current research grants, and is a strategic asset on pending proposals to various funding agencies. Beocat, in the past few years, has moved from being largely irrelevant to being a core resource for multiple research groups across campus.

Currently, Beocat serves over 220 active users in two dozen departments across three colleges at K-State. Our current system is the largest freely available research cluster in Kansas with over 3800 cores, and has been built on an official budget of $0, with users contributing different machines as resources become available. Access to Beocat is free for all researchers with any affiliation with K-State or any other Kansas Higher Education Institution on an as-available, first-come first-served basis, to encourage researchers not to limit their goals or change their research methodologies due to charge-back models. Researchers desiring a guaranteed allocation and priority access can contribute to Beocat as funding is available.

The learn more about Beocat, visit the following links:
  • Getting An Account - Instructions on getting an account and logging in.
  • Documentation - All the official documentation and support links for Beocat.
  • About - Everything about what Beocat is, the hardware and software used, and current status of the system.
  • Projects - See some of the current research projects at K-State that are using Beocat.
  • Papers and Grants - A list of Grants, Papers, and Theses that Beocat has supported computationally.