IS Cooperative Internship

For the student:
This course is an opportunity for you to develop your business, technical, and interpersonal skills; enhance your experience levels; and demonstrate what you have learned through the course of your degree program. All internships for CIS595 credit must be pre-approved by the supervising instructor. 

What we will expect from you:

  1. Effort – you are responsible for finding the internship, doing good quality work on the internship, and completing the requirements. CIS will help through established relationships with local companies for establishing an internship, and you may be able to use an existing job you already have.
  2. Growth – the internship is expected to help you grow in your technical skills, interpersonal skills, and experience in a business environment. As such, manning a help desk may not be suitable, for example, but helping build a test suite for a commercial project may work out well.
  3. Documentation – You are expected to report monthly to your supervising professor about your internship. This would include what you have accomplished, what obstacles may or may not exist, and your plans for the future. It does not have to be long – 1-2 pages is probably fine. You will also be expected to write a report discussing your internship at the end of your final semester enrolled in CIS595. This report will be shared with your employer.
  4. Communication – Your internship is expected to include regular interaction with other team members, management, and clients, including multiple formal presentations. You will be expected to give an approximately 30 minute public presentation at the end of your enrollment in CIS595 discussing the internship in light of the elements listed above.
  5. Flexibility – You will need to be flexible to meet the goals listed above. We also have the capability to adjust individual aspects of the expectations to meet your individual goals and needs. Please meet with the supervising instructor to discuss options.
For the employer:
This internship is a joint collaboration between you, the student, and the CIS595 supervising instructor. You are expected to provide an environment where the student can grow in the areas listed above, and provide feedback on the student and their report at the end of their enrollment in CIS595. You will asked to write a letter of reference for the student following the internship which would include the dates of employment, and ideally an evaluation of the student’s attitude, technical skills, and other pertinent factors. You will also be invited to their presentation. 

We will be happy to work with you to ensure that business confidential information or other intellectual property (IP) issues are addressed prior to the start of the class. Generally, KSU claims no ownership of IP generated by a student at an internship.

CIS 595 - IS Cooperative Internship

Credits: (1-4)

The intern works in a professional capacity in various areas of Information Systems such as web development, programming, application development, or information technology. Student is supervised by a professional and a faculty member. Written documentation and oral presentation of project goals, experiences, and accomplishments.

One hour of credit for each 120 hours of supervised work.
May be repeated for up to 4 credit hours.

Prerequisite: CIS 300 and Junior standing in Information Systems. Prerequisite or concurrently enrolled in CIS 501.
Students may enroll in CIS courses only if they have earned a grade of C or better for each prerequisite to those courses.
When Offered:
Fall, Spring, Summer
UGE course:
K-State 8:

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