Senior Project Courses

Effective Fall 2007, the Information Systems curriculum and the Computer Science option of the Computer Science curriculum require a 3-hour Senior Project course (CIS 597 for IS majors and CIS 598 for CS majors). This document describes the general requirements of these two courses. The Catalog descriptions are as follows:

CIS 597 Information Systems Project. (3) I, II. Directed studies: selection and completion of a project; may include collaboration with other students; may include design, analysis, and implementation. Completion of a plan, two progress reviews, and a final report with literature review and project evaluation. Pr: CIS 562 and senior standing in Information Systems.

CIS 598 Computer Science Project. (3) I, II. Directed studies: selection, investigation and report on some topic not covered in prior courses; may include an implementation and/or experimentation component; may be done in collaboration with other students. Completion of a plan, two reviews, and a final report with literature review and project evaluation. Pr: CIS 560 and senior standing in Computer Science.

Both of these courses have the following general requirements:

  • The course will be administered by a single instructor. However, students may be directed to contact other faculty for technical guidance or may already have a project topic suggested by other faculty.
  • The work will integrate concepts from prior courses and deal with topics that go beyond material covered in prior courses.
  • Project work will include a public final oral presentation. These presentations will be scheduled each semester by the Undergraduate Studies Committee.
  • Project evaluation will consider timely completion of milestones, technical content, quality and style of writing, and oral presentation.
  • Project reports will be recorded in a public repository for open inspection by students in following years.