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About the Computer Science Department

Kansas State University is committed to the growth and excellence of the CS department. The department offers a stimulating environment for research and teaching, and has several ongoing collaborative projects involving researchers in different areas of computer science as well as other engineering and science departments. The department has a faculty of 21, more than 100 graduate students, and 500 undergraduate students and offers BS, MS, MSE, and PhD degrees. Computing facilities include a large network of servers, workstations and PCs with more than 300 machines and a Beowulf cluster with 3000+ nodes. The department building has a wireless network and state-of-the-art media-equipped classrooms. The department hosts several laboratories for security, embedded systems, software analysis, cyber-physical systems, computational engineering and science, and data mining. Details of the CS Department can be found at the URL [www.cs.ksu.edu].

Kansas State University is an Equal Opportunity Employer and actively seeks diversity among its employees.

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