Rules of Programming Contest

  1. Beginning division teams will consist of at most four high school students, each of whom has completed at most one semester of programming instruction and has less than one year programming experience.
  2. Advanced division teams will consist of at most four high school students.
  3. Each school’s team(s) must be accompanied by a faculty sponsor.
  4. All solutions must be written from scratch. No modification of pre-existing code is allowed. No copying of sample and/or help files will be allowed.
  5. No use of the internet is allowed.
  6. No printers are allowed in the contest area. Only one keyboard per team will be allowed. No audible audio will be allowed.
  7. A single reference book (e.g., textbook or language reference manual) may be used. No other documentation is allowed in the contest area during the contest.
  8. All sponsors will remain in the observing area and may not communicate with the team during the rounds.
  9. Only correct solutions will receive points.
  10. Style of the solution will not be considered in the judging.
  11. Only the first and second submission of a possible solution will be considered.
  12. No extra time will be granted to compensate for lost time due to hardware failure, power outages, etc.
  13. All decisions of the contest officials are final.