Course Administration

Distance courses are either recorded during the live on-campus lecture, or pre-recorded in the K-State CIS studio. These lectures are made available over the web either from the instructor's course web page or the K-State Online course web page.


You can find information on course textbooks directly from the instructor's syllabus, which should contain both the title and ISBN number for every book used in a course. Textbook information can also be found by clicking on the book icon next to your course in iSIS.

See Textbooks and Course Materials for additional information on purchasing, buy-backs, and other tips.


Homework assignments are generally given to students via web lectures; e-mail; or on the course website.

Students return homework assignments by either faxing or emailing them back, according to instructor directions. Assignments are graded and faxed back or scanned and e-mailed back to the students.


The exam makeup, format, and time of examinations will be determined by the instructor. The two most common test formats are 'take home' tests and 'proctored' tests.

Most courses require that students identify a proctor who will supervise the taking of exams by the student. Students who need to provide a proctor will be sent an email by the K-State Global Campus Student and Faculty Services office before the semester starts. A proctor must be identified and the "Examination Proctor's Agreement" returned to DCE at the beginning of the semester. Exams are sent to the proctors who then administer the exam and send them back when completed. Exams are graded and returned to the student.