Frequently Asked Questions

These are some helpful answers to some commonly asked questions. If you have other questions, send them to


Will there be an exit exam?

No. Students are required to complete a significant terminal project as part of the curriculum. There is no thesis option.

What are the basic computer requirements?

Listservs, e-mail, message boards, and chat rooms are used for many MSE distance education courses. Most courses post video/audio for lectures, as well as assignments, resources, etc., on the web. Therefore, students must have access to a computer, the Internet, and e-mail.

As all MSE courses will be taken over the web, a modern computer in good working order is essential for completing the degree. Check the minimum system requirements.

What is a K-State eid?

All MSE students are required to have a K-State eid. eID is short for "electronic ID". It's the name for your central computer ID that serves as your primary "electronic identity" at K-State. The concept is "one eID, one password" for each K-State student, faculty, staff, alumnus, and guest. There's a limit of one eID per person.

More importantly, your eID gives you access to a lot of K-State resources -- including e-mail, a personal webpage, access to the Digital Library, free antivirus software, and more. Students can use it to access iSIS (the student information center) where enrollment, financial information, bill payment, academic information, and grades are available. The FAQ for K-State eids is located at

With your eID, you also manage your eProfile -- to change your password, turn e-mail forwarding on, set spam-filtering options, and so forth.

Is an Online Degree different from an On-Campus Degree?

All distance courses offered in this program are exactly the same as the courses offered on campus. Many web-based lectures are recorded during on-campus classes and made available online immediately after each lecture is completed. Other lectures are pre-recorded and are generally viewed by both on and off campus students.

An online course will be accessible and utilized by both distance and on-campus students. Frequently, instructors combine their on- and off-campus students via e-mail or the Internet to work on projects together or to 'chat' via a discussion room or message board.

Your transcript and diploma will look the same as an on-campus student's with no reference to whether the degree was completed on or off campus.

When are courses offered?

Courses offered in this degree program will be taught via the Internet and courses run concurrently with the on-campus class.

Students are encouraged to enroll early, but no later than two weeks before the beginning of the semester. Students who enroll on or after the first day of class will incur a late fee and will experience delays in receiving information and materials.

How do I enroll?

All students, whether they are on-campus or distance students, degree-seeking or nondegree-seeking, must either be admitted to a degree or certificate program or must be approved as "nondegree-seeking" before they can enroll in a course. See "How to Enroll" for step-by-step instructions. Once you are approved to enroll as a "nondegree-seeking student" (you have not been admitted to the MSE program), you should contact Sheryl Cornell ( directly to gain permission to enroll.

If you are already approved as nondegree-seeking or are admitted to the MSE program at K-State, you should gain permission to enroll via the following procedure.

  1. Get "Instructor Permission" from CIS to enroll in the course(s) you would like to take by completing the following steps.
    • Complete student portion of the appropriate advising form at
    • E-mail the completed form to your advisor/major professor. (Your advisor/major professor will complete the form and e-mail it to Sheryl Cornell,
    • Ami will then give you permissions to enroll in the appropriate courses.
  2. Find your online courses at

Distance students also follow the same guidelines for filing their program of study as on-campus students. The POS should be filed before the end of the second semester for full-time students or upon completion of 9 credit hours for part-time students. Course enrollment permissions will not be given if the student has not met this requirement. Please let Sheryl Cornell ( know if you have any questions about filing your POS or the enrollment procedures.

For registration questions or assistance, CALL the K-State Global Campus at 1-800-622-2578 (toll free) or 785-532-5575 (in Manhattan), 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Central Time, Monday through Friday.

When do I have to file my Plan of Study (POS)?

The POS should be filed before the end of the second semester for full-time students or upon completion of 9 credit hours for part-time students. This applies to both on campus and off campus students. Course permissions will not be given if the student has not met this requirement. Please let Sheryl Cornell ( know if you have any questions about filing your POS or the enrollment procedures.

Can I use the K-State library?

Most library resources and services are available to all students enrolled in courses through Kansas State University, whether you're on or off campus. Visit for information about using the library as a distance student.

What is the copyright policy for online material?

All Kansas State University course materials, syllabi, and web lectures are copyrighted. You may duplicate the course materials only for your own use, and you must erase any duplicated material as soon as you complete the course requirements.

You may not make course materials or information available to other individuals unless you have written permission from the copyright owner. Please check with your instructor for permission to use any course material. Without written permission, you may not:

  • be paid for taking notes by a person or commercial firm
  • sell your notes to an individual or commercial firm

View K-State's Copyright Statement.

What kind of student services are available?

Services tailored to support Kansas State University Global Campus students in reaching educational success are available to current and future students, as well as to the military and K-State alumni. Visit K-State Global Campus Student and Faculty Services for any information and services needed.

What are my student responsibilities?

Students enrolled in the MSE program should check with their advisors before enrolling in a course to ensure that the course meets degree requirements.

Students should consult the K-State Graduate Handbook for specific information concerning graduate student responsibilities. Additional information is available from the Graduate School, 102 Fairchild Hall, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas 66506, 785-532-6191, or online at