Financial Aid

About half of all on-campus Master's students receive Graduate Assistantships from the department. Graduate Teaching Assistantships carry stipends of about $1000 per month for nine months work at one half time assignment. A Teaching Assistant whose native tongue is not English must pass the Test of Spoken English with a score of 240. An assistantship carries with it reduced or free tuition. No tuition reductions or waivers are available without an assistantship. Approximately ten to fifteen teaching assistantships are available to new graduate students each year. Competition is strong, and a well prepared candidate must have solid GRE scores, a strong academic background, good grades, and supportive letters of reference. Graduate Research Assistantships and University Fellowships are sometimes available for exceptional students. If you are interested in receiving financial aid, whether in the form of an Assistantship or Fellowship, please indicate this on your application form at the indicated space on the Department Information Form page.

The K-State Global Campus also offers scholarships for off campus students. More information on these scholarships can be found on the Financial Assistance and Scholarships website.