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Computer Science

CS Significant Bits E-Newsletter

 General Announcements

  • CIS 598 Final Project Presentations

    • Interested in what our seniors are working on or what you may have to look forward to? Below are upcoming presentation information from our seniors.

      • Povilonis, Cale - OpenGL Viewport with Ray Tracer: Thursday, December 10th at 1:30pm

  • Welcome Back!

    • It's a new semester with many changes. If you are curious about COVID-19 related changes, you can view them on the KSU COVID website.

  • Tea Time

    • Have fun and hang out virtually with people in the CS department! Tea Time offers a chance to catch up with what is going on in the department and meet with alumni and industry partners. If you would like specific topics to be discussed, email Russ Feldhausen (russfeld@ksu.edu) or Nathan Bean (nhbean@ksu.edu) with your ideas! The hours are Tuesdays at 3:30pm and Fridays at 10:30am on Zoom or connect through Google Calendar.

  • Tutoring

    • Holtz Hall is offering tutoring remotely or face-to-face! They offer tutoring for common classes needed for our program like MATH 220, 221, 510 and CIS 115, 200, 300 and 400. View their website to see all the courses they offer tutoring for and how to schedule an appointment!

  • Math Help Sessions

    • Students in math courses can get help from math GTAs in the math help sessions beginning Monday, August 31 on Zoom. Visit the math website to view the schedule and click on any name to join their Zoom session. 

  • Hack K-State registration is open!

    • Hack K-State is the annual student led hackathon, which will occur virtually on the weekend of November 6-8. Registration is on our website. For more information, view our short video about hackkstate. All questions and inquires about participation and registration can be sent to team@hackkstate.tech.

  • Hack K-State Hackathon

    • Hack K-State is the student led Hackathon held at K-State every year. Last year, they had 270 participants and are looking to put the event on in November again! They are currently looking for more organizers. If you are interested in becoming an organizer for the event, email team@hackkstate.tech and they can get you more information!

  • CS Advising

    • Due to COVID-19, our advisors will no longer be taking walk-in appointments. Appointments are preferred to be online via Zoom, however they will also offer face-to-face meetings if needed. Please use the SSC to schedule your appointments. If the matter is urgent, you can email your advisor. If you need assistance, contact the CS Office.

Undergraduate Opportunities

  • CoderDojo Volunteer and Community Outreach Opportunity

    • CoderDojo MHK is a great opportunity for students to get involved mentoring youth in the Manhattan and Geary County communities. The group is ran and founded by Kansas State Computer Science students. In the sessions, elementary and middle school students will work closely with technical mentors to develop deeper programming skills. Demand for mentors is high due to great attendance (about 25 youth per session). As a computer science student at Kansas State, you are invited to apply to become a mentor for CoderDojo and help teach programming to the next generation of leaders in technology. It is a great way to improve your teaching skills and professionally develop. To apply to be a mentor for Coderdojo, please click here.


  • Rowlen Scholarship

    • The Rowlen Scholarship is awarding $2,000 to a student that demonstrates passion for their education and financial future. The deadline is December 15th, 2020. For more information, view their website.

  • Exploring Entrepreneurship Scholarships 

    • There are 60 $1,000 scholarships available for taking Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Spring 2021. This is a great opportunity to find out if you're interested in the Computer Science Entrepreneurship option. The short application is now open and available here.

  • Cargill Global Scholarship Program

    • This two-year scholarship program provides financial support to undergraduate students currently enrolled full-time students with a graduation date between May 2023 and August 2024. In addition to a $2,500.00 scholarship for each year of the program ($5,000.00 total), Cargill Global Scholars participate in two fully-funded leadership seminars – one with their fellow U.S. Scholars, and one with Scholars from all six program countries – and receive one-on-one mentorship from Cargill employees. The deadline to apply is March 4, 2021. Webinars will be hosted on November 12 and November 23 for those interested in the program to learn more. More webinars will be offered in December through February, in which the dates will be posted on their website, where you can also apply for the program.

Graduate Opportunities


Graduation Information

Graduation Preparation is important! Visit this helpful website when preparing for graduation.

If you plan on graduating this fall, check out this link to start applying. Once you apply you will be put on an email list for events coming up!


Classes and Enrollment

  • IMPORTANT CIS Class Information

    • CIS 520- Operating Systems will be offered as a distance course through Global Campus this spring.

    • CIS 505 is offered only in the fall, and CIS 575 if offered only in the spring. Please be sure to plan your semesters accordingly! Talk to your advisors if you need assistance.

  • ENGL 516 Enrollment Procedures

    • Beginning Monday, 19th October, students may request permission to enroll in ENGL 516 through an online Qualtrics survey. Students will be contacted in a timely fashion via email by English Department administrators to confirm that they have been given electronic permission in KSIS to enroll. They still will need to enroll themselves in the specified section of the course when their enrollment appointment arrives. Seniors’ requests will be given priority for the first two weeks of the enrollment process. After that period, permissions will be distributed according to the number of hours students have already completed. Students should make their request as early as possible (on or after 10/19th), not at the time they are scheduled to enroll. They will be asked to offer at least two ranked options. We strive to give students their first choices, but as sections close, it is helpful to have options.

  • CIS 890/590 U- Data Science in Practice

    • In spring 2021, we will be offering a Data Science in Practice course with Dr. Lior Shamir. This is a project-oriented course that you can bring your own data to or use course data. The course is CIS 590/890 section U and takes place Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 12:30pm-1:20pm. For more information, please contact Professor Shamir at lshamir@ksu.edu.
  • BIOL 697/STAT 750 

    • Do you like being outside and enjoy parts of the beautiful Konza prairie that aren't open to the public and learning about how to hold and measure wild birds for research purposes? This course is geared towards undergraduates at any level and will involve hands-on data collection, as well as the computational aspects of ecological data analysis. It is offered for Spring 2021 on Fridays from 8:30am-10:30am. Please contact Trevor Hefley at thefley@ksu.edu if you have any questions.

  • HIST 301D Spring 2021 

    • Games and History, a K-State 8 course (16434), will investigate questions like "Do games destroy useful historical thought?" or "Can they deepen our experience and understanding of the past?" This will be done in multiple ways, like looking at specific games as examples of historical argument, or representation in games opposed to other media. Offered MWF 2:30-3:20, distance/online only.

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**If you have an event or news you'd like to share in the next CS newsletter, send the details to csoffice@ksu.edu by Monday at noon.**