Invitation to join the K-State CS Slack Team

Computer Science

We have set up a team on Slack for K-State CS to allow students and faculty to make use of this wonderful tool.

If you already know what Slack is and would like to check it out, please fill out this form to request an account:
(found at

**What is Slack?**
According to their website,, Slack is "a messaging app for teams." It allows teams to communicate directly between individuals, in small groups, or across entire channels within the organization. So, it is somewhat similar to IRC chat servers or other online instant messaging tools. Slack has many cool features that make it very useful for teams to communicate and collaborate.

**How can I use Slack?**
That's what we're trying to figure out! We want to make it into a useful tool for all CS students, faculty and staff. Here are some suggestions:
Instantly communicate directly with classmates if you have questions or missed a class, or just chat with friends when you aren't able to meet in person
Create a private group for any team projects you are working on so you can easily collaborate with your team
Install the desktop or mobile apps to be connected from anywhere
Check out the channels for student clubs such as #acm or #game-dev-club, or hang out on several of the general purpose channels such as #general, or the ever-fun #random (SFW only, please!)
If you have an idea for a channel, contact me at to propose your idea. We'd love to create channels for specific classes (with instructor consent) or interests. The sky is the limit!

Since this is a very useful tool for us, we'll be constantly reviewing it to make sure it meets our needs and is useful for students and faculty alike.

Finally, please keep in mind the K-State Principles of Community (found at when using Slack. We want to keep it an open and friendly place for discussion of all topics.