Distance Education FAQs

These are some helpful answers to some commonly asked questions. If you have other questions, send them to the CS office staff (csoffice@ksu.edu). How does a Web course work?

  • Courses are pre-recorded or recorded during the live on-campus lecture.
  • Lectures are available on-line.
  • Homework assignments can be faxed or emailed whichever the instructor prefers.
  • Assignments are graded and faxed back to the students.
  • Each student is required to select a person who agrees to act as proctor for the semester.
  • Exams are faxed to the proctors which then administer the exam and fax them back when completed.
  • Exams are graded and faxed back to the student.

How much does a Web course cost?

  • Course costs change slightly each semester and the current cost can be found here.
  • Textbook requirements are not included in these costs.
  • To see More details about: Class Sessions, KSU Fees, Payment, Registration, Textbooks, Computer Requirements, Student Handbook, Exams, Admission To Graduate Study, Student Responsibility, Library Use, Copyright Policy, Questions and Information, please Click here.

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