MS/MSE Application Instructions

MS/MSE Application Check List

  1. Complete the Kansas State University Graduate School Application.

  2. Submit the application fee along with your application: ($65 for U.S. citizens and permanent residents; $75 for international applicants). Please note that your application cannot be processed until the application fee has been paid.

  3. Read the Kansas State University Graduate School application requirements (for international applicantsfor U.S. citizens and permanent residents, and distance applicants). After reading the above, make sure the following supplemental documents are included in your online application:

    • Transcript(s) of Bachelor's and Master's (if applicable) degrees. Transcript must show the date and (earned or anticipated) degree. Please include a scanned copy in your application materials, and be ready to supply an official one upon admission.
    • Scanned copy of Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores (MS applicants only, not required for MSE). You should also request the Educational Testing Service to send your scores to Kansas State University. The Graduate School does not accept photocopies as official for admission purposes. Institution Code: 6334 Department Code: 0402. You must put both of these codes down in order for our office to receive your scores!
    • For international applicants: scanned copy of Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score or The International English Language Testing System - academic exam (IELTS). The official score must be sent to Kansas State University. Institution Code: 6334 Department Code: 78. You must put both of these codes down in order for our office to receive your scores!
    • For international applicants: signed copy of Affidavit of Financial Support (you will not jeopardize your chance for receiving financial aid by submitting this form.) Please make sure you include a scanned copy of both the affidavit and supporting bank documents (color preferred) to the department. This is not required for international distance students.
    • Description of work experience (typed, maximum of one page) and statement of academic goals (typed, maximum of one page).
    • Three reference letters (recommenders can be requested within the CollegeNet application).


Hard-copy materials are not necessary at this time.

All parts of your application including supplemental docuements must be submitted in your application before the corresponding deadlines below.

Application Deadlines*

  • Jan. 8: Applicants for fall semester.
  • Aug. 1: Applicants for spring semester.
  • Dec. 1: Applicants for summer semester.

U.S. applicants not requesting financial aid may apply one month later than the dates stated above.

*We highly encourage applicants to submit all required documents at least a month BEFORE the stated deadlines for a faster review process and earlier admission.
Questions should be addressed to the Department of Computer Science by email to: or telephoned to +1-785-532-6350.