Financial Assistance

Many Ph.D. students and some Master's students receive Graduate Assistantships from the department. No tuition reductions or waivers are available without an assistantship. An assistantship carries with it reduced or free tuition. Graduate Teaching Assistantships carry stipends of about $1,700 per month for nine months work at one half time assignment. A Teaching Assistant whose native tongue is not English must pass pass additional English test requirements. Approximately twelve teaching assistantships are available to new graduate students each year. Competition is strong, and a well prepared candidate must have solid GRE scores, a strong computer science background, excellent grades, and supportive letters of reference. Graduate Research Assistantships and University Fellowships are sometimes available for exceptional students. For highly qualitified PhD students, there is also our PhD Fellowship Program, which provides additional support. If you are interested in receiving financial aid, whether in the form of an Assistantship or Fellowship, please indicate this on the Information Form and Application for Financial Aid page in your admission packet. U.S. citizens who wish to apply for Federal Financial Aid must contact the KSU Student Financial Assistance Office.

Following are the estimated expenses for an individual student (without family) for one year at Kansas State University. These are only estimates and are subject to change without notice.
  Fall & Spring Semesters Summer Term
Tuition and Fees *$15,635 **$4,311
Living Expenses (includes room, board, medical insurance, food, etc.) $8,400 $2,800
Educational costs (books, supplies) $750 $250
Semester Totals $24,785 $7,361
Yearly Total ***$32,146    

    * Based on 9 credit hours for each of the fall (August) and spring (January) semesters
  ** Based on 3 credit hours per summer (June) semester
*** Additional amounts will be required for a dependent spouse or children @ $7,400 for each of the first two dependents and $3,300 for each additional dependent