Cybersecurity research at K-State Dr. Ou and a research assistant perform cybersecurity research at K-State.


Cybersecurity research in the department is addressing fundamental issues in integrity, confidentiality, privacy, and availability of data/systems resources, and practical issues in distributed network security, threat detection, proactive defense, and user privacy. Methodologies are being developed to provide high assurance systems through tractable static analyses and security protocol design to cope with real-world information policies, degrade gracefully in case of failure, and complement and leverage existing explicit access control mechanisms. Active research programs include enterprise network security management and defense, safe and secure medical system coordination, mobile device security, and privacy and anonymity.

Related Courses

  • CIS 551: Introduction to Computer and Information Security
  • CIS 553: Introduction to Applied Cryptography
  • CIS 751: Computer and Information Security
  • CIS 753: Applied Cryptography
  • CIS 755: Advanced Comuter and Information Security


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Research Groups and Laboratories

Center for Information and Systems Assurance

A National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Research (CAE-R)

The mission of CISA is to conduct fundamental and applied research in information assurance and computer security, advance the knowledge base of our BS, MS, MSE, and PhD students in computer science, information systems, and software engineering in information assurance, and engage the professional community in collaborative efforts that support the understanding, operation, and development of secure software systems that pervade our society.

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