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Computer Science

Scholars Program

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High-achieving students naturally seek opportunities to excel beyond the traditional curriculum. The Department of Computer Science offers these opportunities through the new CS Scholars Program.

This unique program offers many benefits for the next generation of industry leaders:

  • Academic enrichment and professional development opportunities

  • Industry networking through travel and mentoring opportunities

  • Enhanced scholarship eligibility

  • More in-depth application of computer science theory

  • Smaller class size with more individualized instruction

Kansas State University’s computer science program is among the top in the Midwest, preparing today’s students to become tomorrow’s innovators.

Professional development

  • Travel support will help CS scholars visit industrial partners, other universities and conferences to learn about opportunities beyond the K-State campus.

  • Internships with industrial partners will develop practical skills to help scholars excel after graduation.

  • Mentoring from industry professionals will give scholars a broader view of potential career paths, industries and employers.

Academic enrichment
In-depth curriculum and smaller class sizes will provide CS scholars with more extensive learning experiences during their core courses. We will also host industry partners to lead discussions about cutting-edge industry problems and engage scholars in applied learning activities. This enhanced approach creates a strong foundation that empowers scholars to excel in college and career.

Undergraduate research with a faculty member will broaden understanding of computing fields, technologies and research methodology. This applied learning experience will deliver a competitive advantage in advanced courses and in the job market.

High-quality scholarships are key to recruiting motivated, high-achieving students into the CS Scholars program. The Computer Science Department is currently working with industry partners to secure funding for these and hopes to make an announcement regarding scholarships in the near future.

If you received an invitation to apply, or otherwise believe you would be well-suited to the scholars program, the priority deadline is February 1, 2018. However, we will take applications until the program is full. Apply now.




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