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Computer Science

Scholars Program

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High-achieving students naturally seek opportunities to excel beyond the traditional curriculum. The Department of Computer Science offers these opportunities through the new CS Scholars Program.

This unique program offers many benefits for the next generation of industry leaders:

  • Academic enrichment and professional development opportunities
  • More challenging projects
  • More in-depth application of computer science theory
  • Smaller class size with more individualized instruction and opportunities for discussion
  • Opportunities for research fellowships with computer science faculty mentors
  • A sense of community and bonding that comes with taking the same sequence of classes with a small cohort of students

Kansas State University’s computer science program is among the top in the Midwest, preparing today’s students to become tomorrow’s innovators.

Academic enrichment
In-depth curriculum and smaller class sizes will provide CS Scholars with more extensive learning experiences during their core courses. These Scholars courses will feature more challenging projects, more in-depth coverage of key computer science topics, and greater opportunities for discussion. We will also host industry partners to lead discussions about cutting-edge industry problems and engage scholars in applied learning activities. This enhanced approach creates a strong foundation that empowers scholars to excel in college and career.

Research Fellowships
CS Scholars are given first priority for departmental research fellowships, which allow students to engage in research with a faculty mentor. These research fellowships are up to $1000/semester. Current Scholars are engaging in research on artificial intelligence, security, robotics, data analytics, embedded systems, scientific computing, and mobile development.

Undergraduate research with a faculty member will broaden understanding of computing fields, technologies and research methodology. This applied learning experience will deliver a competitive advantage in advanced courses and in the job market.

Students accepted to the Scholars program are typically high-achieving students with a strong work ethic and an interest in challenging themselves. We will consider ACT/SAT test scores (if available), GPA, and previous programming experience as part of the application process, but we also recognize that students have a wide range of opportunities and experiences outside of the academic. The application will take into account that not everyone was able to take a standardized test this year, and that not all students have had the opportunity to gain extensive (or any) programming experience.

If you are either an incoming freshman or a transfer student who plans to start at K-State in Fall 2021, and believe you would be well-suited to the Scholars program, then you are encouraged to apply. The priority deadline is February 1, 2021 -- however, we will take applications until the program is full. Apply now. Please note that the application requires a letter of recommendation from a former or current teacher, in addition to filling out the linked form.

This opportunity is not just for incoming freshman and transfer students. If you are already attending K-State and are interested in the program, even if you have already taken some of the listed computer science courses, please contact Julie Thornton at juliet@ksu.edu.

Academic Standards
Students must maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA as CS majors to remain in the Scholars program. Students in the program will also take the Scholars sections of the first four required CS courses: CIS 115, CIS 200, CIS 300, and CIS 400. These are classes that are required for the CS degree, but are smaller, go more in-depth, and are more interactive. Scholars students must also enroll in CIS 090, a 0-credit seminar, every semester.

If you have any questions about the Scholars Program, please contact Julie Thornton at juliet@ksu.edu.

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