Cyber Pipeline

Learn and Teach Computer Science

The Cyber Pipeline program, a part of the larger K-State Computational Core program, has the goal of making quality computer science education available to all high school students at little or no cost to them. The Cyber Pipeline curriculum uses the basic Computational Core state-of-the-art curriculum with the latest technologies and educational practices. And best of all, the curriculum is completely free.

However, the Cyber Pipeline program also provides innovative online instruction that includes video, text, and automatically graded hands-on exercises and projects. The curriculum is designed to use lectures and text from K-State faculty, as well as in-class activities and examples led by high school teachers.

Since qualified computer science teachers are hard to find, the Cyber Pipeline program also provides a teacher training program. This includes a five- to six-week program where high school teachers go through the course material individually and have weekly interactive sessions where they can discuss the material, and share teaching strategies and more with K-State faculty and other teachers. There will also be a teacher's guide with additional instructional strategies and examples that teachers can use in the classroom.



To learn more about the Cyber Pipeline program, watch our video and please contact us using the form below. We will send you a packet on how to get the Cyber Pipeline courses up and running at your school. In addition, we can also set you up with a trial version of a few modules from one of our Cyber Pipeline courses.

Cyber Pipeline Program

Learn about the Cyber Pipeline Program from Department Head Scott DeLoach


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