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Computer Science

Data Science

Data science research at K-State focuses on machine learning relevant multidisciplinary predictive analytics, business intelligence, data mining and visualization using heterogeneous large data. Core strengths include analysis of natural language, linked, spatial and temporal data, security data, and biological data.

We have three laboratories that carry out data science research:

Laboratory for Knowledge Discovery in Databases

The Laboratory for Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) is a research group in the Computing and Information Sciences (CIS) Department at Kansas State University. Its research emphasis is in the areas of applied artificial intelligence (AI) and knowledge-based software engineering (KBSE) for decision support systems. More specifically, we are interested in machine learning, data mining and knowledge discovery from large spatial and temporal databases, human-computer intelligent interaction (HCII), and high-performance computation in learning and optimization.

Machine Learning and Data Science (ML&DS) Lab

The ML&DS Lab aims to design algorithms and to develop tools for getting insights from large amounts of data, in particular, social media, user behavior, security and bioinformatics data. Specifically, we are intersted in problems with a limited amount of labeled data, but for which a large amounts of unlabeled data are readily available. We focus on the design of semi-supervised and domain adaptation approaches, and use our approaches to learn classifiers for a variety of classification problems.

The MLR Laboratory nterests include artificial intelligence, machine learning, information retrieval, and natural language processing. The overarching goal of her research is to improve people’s ability to effectively and efficiently mine and discover knowledge from large amounts of digital data.