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Computer Science

Master of Software Engineering degree

The MSE program is an online program focused toward practitioners working in the field of computer science. The program of study for the MSE program consists of 33 credits that must include the following:

Core sequence: CIS 740 or 744*, CIS 748, CIS 771, and CIS 841 (12 credits)

Specialty sequence: One of the following specialty sequences (6-7 credits):

  • Bioinformatics (CIS 734 and CIS 834)
  • Data Mining and Information Retrieval (CIS 732 and CIS 833)
  • Distributed Systems (CIS 725 and CIS 844)
  • Intelligent Systems (CIS 730 and either CIS 732 or CIS 830 or CIS 844)
  • Security (CIS 751 and CIS 755)
  • Web-based Systems (CIS 726 and either CIS 732 or CIS 833)

Technical electives: Three additional computer science courses (700 level or above**). Other technical courses may be substituted upon approval. (9 credits). Suggested alternatives other than those listed above:

  • CIS 895 (six credits)
  • CIS 721 – Real Time Systems
  • CIS 736 – Computer Graphics
  • CIS 753 – Applied Cryptography
  • CIS 890 - High Assurance Systems
  • CIS 890 - Formal Verification of Hybrid Systems

Students must receive a grade of 'B' or better for each course used to satisfy the core and specialty sequence requirements. In addition, the student must maintain a 3.0 GPA in all graduate courses.

As part of CIS 895, each student will produce and present a software portfolio that contains a collection of documents related to the software development activity. During your portfolio experience, you will complete a significant project that encompasses the majority of the software life cycle from analysis and design through implementation. The portfolio focuses equally on the process of software development as well as the actual creation of the software.


MSE Advising Form (after 2012)

MSE Advising Form (before 2012)

Program of Study

Program of Study Change Form

Program of Study Checklist (after 2012)

Program of Study Checklist (before 2012)

Approval to Schedule Final Exam Ballot

MSE Guidelines

Graduate Certificate Completion

* Students who have taken CIS 544 during their undergraduate programs will not be required to take CIS 744, but will instead be assigned an advanced software engineering course as a substitute as part of their core curriculum.
**Students may include 600 level courses as technical electives if they are approved by their major professor and committee. In such a case, the student should include a paragraph explaining why the 600 level course is applicable to their degree when submitting their plan of study for departmental approval.
Apply to graduate school


Minimum Admission Requirements

  • Graduation from an accredited institution with a baccalaureate degree in computer science or closely related field.
  • A minimum grade point average of 3.0 out of 4.0.

International Students

  • Official TOEFL scores (Institution Code: 6334, Department Code: 78)
  • Must be at least 79 (internet based), visit the Graduate School for more details
Application Deadlines
Summer – January 8
Fall – January 8
Spring – August 1