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Computer Science

News Archive

2021 News

Computer science team continues support for online database on history of slavery
Pascal Hitzler, professor and Lloyd T. Smith creativity in engineering chair in the computer science department, and his postdoc, Cogan Shimizu, will continue in their subcontracted role of ontology design for the online database Enslaved.org.

Beocat continues to offer unparalleled computing access to researchers
Beocat, the high-performance computing cluster at the Kansas State University Institute for Computational Research, is marking 15 years of service excellence having provided more than 135 million central processing unit hours to 2,500+ active researchers.

Bean named teaching scholar
The Carl R. Ice College of Engineering has announced seven faculty members as its most recent recipients of named positions.

Computer science initiative expands programming fundamental offerings to small colleges, high schools
An initiative by K-State could soon bring university computer programming courses to high schools and small colleges across the state, providing students with an in-demand job skill.

Computer Science Master's Online degree program recognized for excellence in latest U.S. News and World Report rankings
Kansas State University's online portfolio of programs was recognized for excellence in 12 categories in the 2021 U.S. News and World Report, released this month.

Pascal Hitzler and Scott DeLoach listed in top researchers in recent study
Learn more about the K-State faculty selected as the top 2% of researchers in the world.

2020 News

Robby and John Hatcliff receive defense department grant for work on safety/security-critical systems
Robby and John Hatcliff have been awarded $231,000 for a two-year period by the U.S. Department of Defense — Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for development of tools that will assure the safety and security of mission-critical software.

Pascal Hitzler and Cogan Shimizu partner launch online database on history of slavery
Pascal Hitzler, professor and Lloyd T. Smith creativity in engineering chair in the computer science department, and his postdoc, Cogan Shimizu, have helped launch the online database Enslaved.org.

Pavithra Prabhakar to lead on NASA grant to design certifiable, intelligent aerospace control systems
Pavithra Prabhakar, associate professor and Peggy and Gary Edwards chair in engineering in the computer science department, will lead Kansas State University on the project "Evolving and Certifiable Autopilot for Unmanned Aerial Systems, Phase II."

The Computational Core Initiative
The Computational Core Initiative, or CCI, a set of computer programming courses offered by the computer science department in the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering, is designed to provide students of any major with the fundamental knowledge to utilize programming in a variety of situations.

Hatcliff, Robby receive DoD grant for safety-critical systems
Two professors of computer science have been awarded just over $400,000 for two years by the U.S. Department of Defense — Army for development of techniques in building safety-critical systems used in military operations.

Pavithra Prabhakar funded by NSF for research on artificial intelligence-based cyber-physical systems
Pavithra Prabhakar, associate professor of computer science, has been awarded $450,000 from the NSF to work on artificial intelligence-based controllers in the three-year project, "Scalable Formal Verification of ANN Controlled Cyber-Physical Systems."

Pascal Hitzler given Ten-Year award by semantic web association
Pascal Hitzler, professor and Lloyd T. Smith creativity in engineering chair in the computer science department at K-State, and his co-authors have been recognized with the Semantic Web Science Association Ten-Year Award for published work

NASA funds Arslan Munir funded for space research
NASA has awarded $750,000 toward a joint project involving researchers at Wichita State University, Kansas State University and the University of Kansas.

Pascal Hitzler funded by NSF for open science research project
Pascal Hitzler, professor and Lloyd T. Smith Creativity in Engineering chair in the computer science department and director of the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, has been awarded nearly $300,000 from the National Science Foundation.

Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to develop explainable artificial intelligence for Air Force
The team will test a new approach for rendering the decision outputs of deep learning systems more understandable to human users.

Andresen, Robby, Thornton receive named scholar positions
The Carl R. Ice College of Engineering has announced nine faculty members as the most recent recipients of named positions, with three being computer science faculty.

Robby and John Hatcliff awarded phase three funding for DARPA CASE program
Computer science professors Robby and John Hatcliff, and their team led by Collins Aerospace, have been selected for DARPA Cyber-Assured Systems Engineering, or CASE, Phase 3, which includes an additional $550,000 to continue their sabbatical work.

William Earl Harris retiring after 45 years
William Earl Harris is retiring from the computer science department after 45 years of dedicated service.

Securing the cyber world
The K-State foundation highlights Arslan Munir, professor in Computer Science, cybersecurity research on autonomous vehicles, Internet of things, and defense.

Computer analysis shows that political speeches now use simpler language, express more sentiments
Research by K-State shows how politicians from both major parties have changed their political speech from previous centuries.

University launches online master's in computer science
K-State is launching an online master's degree in computer science designed to offer students the skills needed to build and maintain computer software.

Daniel Andresen to head NSF-funded open science grid expansion across Great Plains
Daniel Andresen, director of the Institute for Computational Research in Engineering and Science and computer science professor, has received more than $350,000 to lead a project in support of computational and data-intensive research across the region.

Computer science program expands offerings to Manhattan Christian College
A program developed by the computer science department in the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering at Kansas State University has expanded its outreach through a new collaboration with Manhattan Christian College in Manhattan.

NSF renews K-State CyberCorps program for five years, $3 million
The CyberCorps: Scholarships for Service program at K-State will continue to build on its history of producing high-quality graduates to meet national, state, local and tribal government demand for skilled cybersecurity personnel.

Computer Science wins two inaugural Strategic Initiative Grants
Provost Taber announces the inaugural round of investment fund awards.

K-State study reveals asymmetry in spin directions of galaxies, suggests early universe could have been spinning
The patterns formed by spiral galaxies show that the universe may have a defined structure and suggest that the early universe could have been spinning, according to a K-State computational astronomer.

Advisor Forum presents April Charlie Award
The K-State Advisor Forum announces Sheryl Cornell, academic advisor in computer science, as the recipient of the April Charlie Award.

K-State to host sixth annual Game Jam Feb. 14-16
The Game Development Club, a registered departmental student organization, will host a game creation event called Game Jam Feb. 14-16. Read more about the event, and how some of last fall's student participants received recognition.

K-State teams place in regional Association for Computing Machinery programming contest
The K-State Association for Computing Machinery team won second place at a regional competition, securing its invitation to the national competition, which will take place in February. The team will compete for a chance to advance to Worlds.

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