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Computer Science

Venkatesh-Prasad Ranganath | Assistant Professor

Photo of Venkatesh RanganathPh.D. - 2006, Kansas State University
Computer Science
M.S. - 20042, Kansas State University

Computer Science
B.E. - 1997, Bangalore University
Computer Science and Engineering

Contact Information
2161 Engineering Hall
Personal Website

Professional Experience
Ranganath received a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering in 1997 and started working as a software engineer in Wipro Global R&D. In the fall of 1999, he joined the graduate program at Kansas State University to pursue his master’s and doctorate degrees. After receiving his doctorate in 2006, he worked for Agitar Software, a startup company focused on automatic test generation. In 2007, he joined Microsoft Research, India, as a researcher. He returned to K-State as a visiting assistant professor in 2014, and, in the fall of 2015, he joined the faculty of the department of computer science as an assistant professor.

Ranganath's research focuses on software engineering and programming languages. He researches ways to improve software development via better reasoning about programs and systems via program analysis and development processes. In this realm, he has extensive applied experience in developing program analyses and realizing these analyses as usable techniques and tools (which have been cumulatively downloaded more than 100,000 times). Recently, he has been exploring the use of data-based techniques (e.g., data mining) to supplement traditional approaches to program analysis and software engineering problems and formal methods to build secure mobile applications.

Academic Highlights
Ranganath has authored more than 30 publications including workshop, conference and journal papers along with five patents and two of book chapters. He has served as PC member, reviewer, and organizing committee member at various national and international academic venues.