Academic and Mental Wellness Center

Welcome to the computer science Academic and Mental Wellness Center. Scholastic success and health, whether it be physical or mental, is of utmost importance. We've implemented a bounty of resources to provide our students with the latest information and tools to assist them in their academic and life endeavors here at Kansas State University and all roads that follow.

We concentrate on three primary pillars or core areas known to affect student performance and well-being.

Pillars of success

  1. Learning strategies
    • Here you will discover your unique learning style, how to master this type and explore the wheel of learning.
  2. Time management
    • In this zone you'll find general tips and tricks for time management, advice and tactics for scheduling, and organizational techniques for planning, outlining and everything in-between.
  3. Studying and STEM
    • This section covers hacks and offers resources for efficient studying, best ways to prepare for exams, and complete ins and outs of studying for STEM classes.

These resources can serve as a guiding hand along a winding path that may not always have an obvious linear trail. Maybe an obstacle up ahead will require you to take the route less-traveled, or sometimes an abrupt strike of lightning appears just past the nearest treetop. No matter what, your journey is incredibly important. Sometimes when things get tough, even what you learn here and elsewhere may not be enough.

Remember you are not alone. Below is a list of official K-State resources for professional life coaching, mental health counseling, and specialized advocacy and support:

  • Counseling services
    • Psychotherapy services are for the individual student to assist in decision-making, crisis intervention, adjustment and any other matters of personal concern. Support extends throughout the semester. Consultation is extended to faculty and staff, who will assist in identification and referral to additional and appropriate resources on or off campus.
  • Mental health services
    • A variety of mental health services are offered such as testing and treatment of ADD or ADHD, depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders and medication management. Lafene Health Center Mental Health Services do not provide psychotherapy services.
  • Family center
    • Psychotherapy services are available to individuals, a couple or family at-large. These are provided affordably and at an extremely high quality through faculty, and doctoral and master's students under direct MFT supervision abiding by academic and licensing requirements.
  • Office of Student Life
    • This office offers additional support to our K-State family by connecting students, parents, families, faculty and staff to campus resources, addressing all comments and support needed — sometimes, most importantly, simply listening.
  • LGBT resource center
    • This center offers dedicated support for identifying students, staff and faculty of the LGBT community— along with allied individuals — to be more secure, educated and productive in their personal and professional settings with a goal to promote equity, respect and social justice.
  • Center for Advocacy, Response and Education
    • Confidential, free and voluntary services, and advocacy for survivors of sexual violence, dating violence, stalking and sexual harassment are offered here.
  • Diversity and multicultural student affairs
    • Services here are committed to promoting diversity in every sector of K-State through a unique vision and leadership that diversifies all university functions and curricula. The mission is to build an inclusive campus climate that fosters mutual understanding among diverse groups by working with deans, department heads, faculty, staff and students to do so.

Again, remember, you are never alone. If you find yourself in a concerning or dangerous state of mind, at risk of causing temporary or permanent harm to yourself or others, use the number below for the 24/7 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, along with a link to a 24/7 live-chat version. You and your life matter.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

24/7 Live-Chat