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Computer Science

Student Organizations

Association For Computing Machinery (ACM)
The Association for Computing Machinery is the professional organization for computer scientists, and our student chapter sponsors guest speakers, programming contests, game nights, organizes Open House activities, and holds open tutoring sessions for computer science courses.

Diversity in Computing
Diversity in Computing supports and celebrates diversity in computing by hosting social events that allow students to interact with other technical students, network with professionals and scholars in computing fields, participate in volunteer activities, and more.

Cyber Defense Club
Club members develop their cyber defense skills by hacking or counterhacking in simulated network environments. Opportunities also arise to meet guest researchers from other universities and to compete in national cybersecurity competitions.

Mobile Development Club
Club members develop software for mobile devices like tablets and phones.

Web Development Club
Club members practice building and maintaining websites, and other web based software. People often come to club meetings looking for advice with current projects, or a place to start learning the basics. Members make connections, learn from each other, and build their skills along the way.

Game Development Club
Club members work in interdisciplinary teams to develop computer games. The club also sponsors presentations on game programming and development, demonstrates their games at K-State Open House, and hosts game jams.

Hack K-State
Hack K-State is an academic competition team in the Computer Science Department, hosting the annual Hack K-State hackathon and organizing official teams to send to other hackathons. The annual hackathon, “Hack K-State” is put on to invite students to K-State so that they may learn, build, and share their innovations in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Hack K-State will serve high school, undergraduate, and graduate students from around the globe who wish to participate.

K-State Artificial Intelligence Club (ACM SIGAI)
The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group (SIG), on Artificial Intelligence. ACM SIGAI collaborates with several research faculties across K-state that use AI in their research. We work with Machine Learning, Autonomous Robots, Data Science, Game AI and other related branches of AI. We invite guest speakers, discuss trends in AI and have workshops on programming

Computer Science Graduate Student Association
CS-GSA is group for graduate students in the Computer Science department to build more of a community, as well as promote academic, professional, and social development of Computer Science graduate students.