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Computer Science

Professional Program

Admission to the Professional Program

Students must complete the pre-professional program and be accepted to the professional program prior to taking any of the following courses, which we will refer to as professional program courses:

  • CIS 308 C/C++ Language Laboratory
  • CIS 400 Object-Oriented Design, Implementation, and Testing
  • CIS 415 Ethics and Computing Technology
  • CIS 450 Computer Architecture and Organization
  • CIS 501 Software Architecture and Design
  • CIS 505 Introduction to Programming Languages
  • CIS 520 Operating Systems I
  • CIS 525 Introduction to Network Programming
  • CIS 560 Database System Concepts
  • CIS 575 Introduction to Algorithm Analysis
  • CIS 598 Computer Science Project
  • CIS 625 Concurrent Software Systems
  • CIS 640 Software Testing Techniques
  • CIS 642 Software Engineering Project I

The only other students who will be allowed to enroll in any of the above courses are non-CS majors who need these specific courses to satisfy the degree requirements of their majors. Non-CS majors wishing to use any of these courses to satisfy elective requirements for their majors will also be considered on a case-by-case basis.

In order to be considered for admission to the professional program, a student must have:

  1. Passed all pre-professional program courses with a C or better.
  2. Achieved at least a 2.3 GPA on all pre-professional courses (including transfer courses).

New students, including transfer students, should submit the standard application form directly, using the Apply Now link below. You enroll in professional courses for next semester, an application to the professional program must be submitted to the Department of Computer Science by October 31st for the spring semester and March 31st for the fall semester. This submission will be immediately prior to the student’s pre-enrollment into any of the professional program courses. After your application has been received and the grades post at the end of the semester, your application will be reviewed and you will be notified if you have been admitted into the professional program.

All courses in the pre-professional program must be completed and all grade criteria must be met by the end of the semester that the application is submitted. An exception to this rule is the student who expects to complete these criteria during the summer term. Those students should also make application in the Spring semester prior to pre-enrollment. All eligible applicants will be allowed to pre-enroll into professional program courses with the understanding that they will be dropped if they are not accepted for admission to the professional program prior to the beginning of the subsequent semester.

Applications will be reviewed by the Curriculum Committee of the Department and accepted or rejected as soon as possible after semester grades are issued. The number of students admitted in any given semester will be limited by the number of seats available. If the number of applicants who meet the grade requirements listed above exceeds the number of seats available, then in addition to the minimum grade requirements listed above, the admission will be determined by resident overall GPA.

Students who have completed the pre-professional program with the required grades, but are denied admission, may re-apply in a later semester.

Any student who has completed more than 15 credit hours at Kansas State University in any major outside the College of Engineering may change majors into the pre-professional program provided that the student meets the admission requirements for the College of Engineering. A resident cumulative GPA of 2.3 or better is required for a change of major from any Engineering program to the pre-professional program Computer Science.


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