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Computer Science

Advisory Board

Alexandru Bardas
Assistant Professor
University of Kansas 

Kacy Clarke
Managing Director
Deloitte Consulting

Kevin Elmore
Executive Chairman
TopBloc (IT Services)

Managing Partner
Round Three LLC

Amit Gupta
Principal Engineering Manager
Microsoft Corp
Scott Hale
Analytics Manager
EFT Analytics
Lara Kwartin
Sr. Manager, Operations and Supply
Amazon Home Services

Azfar Moazzam
Engineering Manager

Justin Morrison
Senior Director, Cerner Intelligence
Cerner Corporation

Ben Sebree
Vice President of Technology (R&D)

Ryan Summerskill
Prime Solutions Manager and Principal Software Engineer
Veritas Prime
Dustin Wiens
Technical Lead iOS Software Engineer
Garmin International

Emeritus Members

Bill Cary

Susan Chambers

Terry Ecklund

Lynn Frick
Database Administrator
Kansas State University Foundation

Dominic Gelinas

Jerry Havemann
Vice President (retired)

Mary Lou Hines Fritts
University of Missouri - Kansas City

Connie Jaynes

Martin Malley

Don Mounday
Falcon Technology Group

Brian Rempe

Mark Schonhoff
Vice President
Cerner Corporation

Ken Switzer

Jacqualine Trombly
Operations Director (retired)
Lucent Technologies

Norm Tsiguloff

Neil Tucker

Ray Vaugh

Dennis Yeo

Tieren Zhou