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Computational Core

ccThe Computational Core is a set of computer programming courses designed to provide students of any major with the fundamental knowledge to utilize programming in a variety of situations. Programming is the skillset that makes students stand out in the 21st century job market and is beneficial in almost any field. The Computational Core includes high quality, state-of-the-art courses that are scalable and self-sustaining. These courses use cutting-edge online education frameworks allow students to work at their own pace, require students to master basic concepts before advancing, and provide immediate feedback and guidance while retaining personal interaction with teaching faculty and teaching assistants.

The computational core courses will be part of a proposed Undergraduate Certificate in Computer Science that should officially be on the books for Spring 2020. However, the first of the computational core courses, CC 210 – Fundamental Computer Programming Concepts, will be offered in Fall 2019.

 Certificate courses include:

  • CC 210 – Fundamental Computer Programming Concepts
  • CC 310 – Data Structures & Algorithms
  • CC 315 – Data Structures & Algorithms 2
  • CC 410 – Advanced Programming

*CIS 115 or CIS 111 may be taken as optional pre-requisites for students with no background in computer programming.

Download the Undergraduate Certificate in Computer Science flyer.

For information on how to integrate the Computational Core into your department’s curriculum, please contact Scott DeLoach (sdeloach@ksu.edu).