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Computer Science

CS Significant Bits E-Newsletter

 General Announcements

  • Senior Project Presentations
  • Welcome Back!

    • It's a new semester with many changes. If you are curious about COVID-19 related changes, you can view them on the KSU COVID website.

  • Tea Time

    • Have fun and hang out virtually with people in the CS department! Tea Time offers a chance to catch up with what is going on in the department and meet with alumni and industry partners. If you would like specific topics to be discussed, email Russ Feldhausen (russfeld@ksu.edu) or Nathan Bean (nhbean@ksu.edu) with your ideas! The hours are Tuesdays at 3:30 pm and Fridays at 10:30 am on Zoom or connect through Google Calendar.

  • Tutoring

    • Holtz Hall is offering tutoring remotely or face-to-face! They offer tutoring for common classes needed for our program like MATH 220, 221, 510; CIS 115, 200, 300, and 400; and CC 110, 210, and 310. View their website to see all the courses they offer tutoring for and how to schedule an appointment!

  • Math Help Sessions

    • Students in math courses can get help from math GTAs in the math help sessions on Zoom. Visit the math website to view the schedule and click on any name to join their Zoom session. 

  • CS Advising

    • Due to COVID-19, our advisors will no longer be taking walk-in appointments. Appointments are preferred to be online via Zoom, however they will also offer face-to-face meetings if needed. Please use the SSC to schedule your appointments. If the matter is urgent, you can email your advisor. If you need assistance, contact the CS Office.

  • CS Student Center Open
    • The CS student center has reopened and is now available for your study needs! We still need to wear masks and social distance, but this is one step back toward normalcy! Note also that the capacity limit for the room is 18, but it will be open 24/7!
  • Concurrent BS in Computer Science and Master of Business Administration
  • ConocoPhillips Student Leadership Forum
    • The Student Leadership Forum is an all-expenses paid, business case study September 7th – 10th. This event will expose students to our industry, our company, and our project management philosophy. We will have multiple team building exercises and meet employees in different disciplines in IT. This event will also give the students an opportunity to gain a full-time or internship offer. Professors can recommend students and students can apply for the Forum. See the flyer for more information, the deadline is May 15th.

  • ConocoPhillips Innovation Challenge
    • The Innovation Challenge is an all-expenses paid, hackathon the weekend of September 10th - 13th. This event will expose students to our industry, our  company and help them build skills in emerging tech. This event will also give the students an opportunity to gain a full-time or internship offer, along with multiple prizes including cash prizes. Professors can recommend students and students can apply for the Innovation. See the flyer for more information, the deadline to apply is May 15th.

Undergraduate Opportunities


  • PixelPlex Bi-Annual Scholarship
    • $2000 PixelPlex Bi-Annual Scholarship was established to help support students pursuing education in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), as well as economics and business. To be eligible you must be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident, be enrolled (or accepted with plans to attend) in a college or university in the United State, and your field of study must be related to STEM, economics, or business. The deadlines to apply: June 5 and December 5, 2021. Application guidelines include choosing an industry or sector where the application of one of the technologies below might be uncommon, in your opinion, and describe which existing problems will be solved as a result. Pick from these technologies: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality. Visit their website for how to apply and for more information.
  • Integra Sources Computer Hardware Engineering Scholarship
    • Integra Sources is an electronics design house that provides custom software and hardware solutions and specializes in embedded hardware design, embedded software design, computer vision development, Internet of Things, robot development, and other related areas. So, if you are a US college, high school, or university student, we invite you to apply for our finding grant program. Our hardware engineering scholarship is another opportunity for career development. The winning applicant will be rewarded $1,000 and encouraged to spend the grant on self-education purposes to acquire new skills and knowledge necessary for professional growth. The award is $1000 and the deadline is September 1st, 2021. Open to enthusiastic university, or college student studying computer science, engineering, and related areas who are passionate about their ideas and eager to change the world. More information and the application form is on their website

Graduate Opportunities

Graduation Information

Graduation Preparation is important! Visit this helpful website when preparing for graduation.

If you plan on graduating this fall, check out this link to start applying. Once you apply you will be put on an email list for events coming up!


Classes and Enrollment

  • LEAD 212 Introduction to Leadership Concepts
    • Offered this summer!  If you want to take a humanities course that is a human diversity K-8 tag, you can enroll in LEAD 212 over the summer. It is only 4 weeks. You can choose either June or a July session on campus or online below, meeting July 6th-July31, and June 7th- July 30th, and there is a book required. To learn more about this option, see the video, or the class schedule
  • LEAD 350 Culture and Context in Leadership
    • One section meeting May 24th to July 2nd, this class fulfills Human Diversity within the U.S. and Global Issues and Perspectives. No prerequisites, see the class schedule for more information.
  • LEAD 405 Leadership in Context
    • Summer 2021, this course has one section meeting June 7th through July 30th. This course is part of the K-State 8 Ethical Reasoning and Responibilites. It has 2 prerequisites: LEAD 212 and LEAD 350. See the class schedule for more information.
  • LEAD 450 Senior Seminar in Leadership
    • This course is offered Summer 2021, June 7th to July 30th. It fulfills Ethical Reasoning and Responsibilty and Social Sciences of the K-State 8. It does have 3 prerequisites, LEAD 212, 350, and 405. See the class schedule for more information.
  • MUSIC 248-Songwriting is available for Fall 2021
    • This Global Campus course is open to all majors and fulfills the Aesthetic Interpretation K-State 8 requirement. Please see the video for more information.
  • ENGL 516 enrollment procedures for Summer/Fall 2021
    • Beginning Monday, 15th March, students may request permission to enroll in ENGL 516 for Summer / Fall 2021 through an online Qualtrics survey. The survey will be available at the English Department’s website. Students will be contacted in a timely fashion via email by English Department administrators to confirm that they have been given electronic permission in KSIS to enroll. They still will need to enroll themselves in the specified section of the course when their enrollment appointment arrives. Seniors’ requests will be given priority for the first week of the enrollment process. After that period, permissions will be distributed according to the number of hours students have already completed. Students should make their request as early as possible (on or after 3/15th), not at the time they are scheduled to enroll. They will be asked to offer at least three ranked sections. We strive to give students their first choices, but as sections close, it is helpful to have options. We are pleased to be able to offer a section of ENGL 516 online in the summer term this year, and we hope that your students will find it helpful to be able to complete that requirement at that time if their schedules permit.



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**If you have an event or news you'd like to share in the next CS newsletter, send the details to csoffice@ksu.edu by Monday at noon.**