Registration and Rules

Registration for the HSPC will begin on Sept. 23, 2021.

A limited amount of space is available, so entries for up to two teams per school will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until Oct. 6, 2021. If space is still available after Oct. 18, an additional one team per school may be added from a waiting list.

Registration rules

*Rules have changed. Only 60 teams will be able register this year. Any teams following will be added to a waiting list. This will allow more high schools to participate and create a more competitive atmosphere. We appreciate your cooperation in advance.

  • Each high school may only register two teams — one in the beginning division and one in the advanced division.
  • Each high school will be allowed to put two more teams on a waiting list; again, one in each division.
  • Each high school sponsor will create a new account with the new HSPC system to register teams.
  • Each high school sponsor must fill in the correct school information for its account to be accepted by Kelly Beikmann.
  • Each high school sponsor will have only one account.
  • Each sponsor is able to make changes to its high school registration account until Oct. 18t, 2021.
  • Each high school sponsor is in charge of checking email for any changes to registration.

Contest schedule and rules


  • Because different schools use different types of machines and programming languages, teams must provide their own computers and software. Any programming language may be used for the contest.
  • Solutions to the contest problems will require numerical calculations, simple string manipulation and logical decisions.
  • The main difference between the two divisions will be in the complexity of the programming logic required to solve the problems.
  • For example, more use of nested loops will be required to solve some advanced division problems. Double-dimensioned arrays may be needed to solve advanced problems. Single-dimensioned arrays should be sufficient to solve the beginning problems.

Contest information

  • The contest will consist of five rounds.
  • During rounds one through four, teams will have 25 minutes to solve a given programming problem.
  • During round five, teams will have 40 minutes to solve two programming problems. Teams correctly solving the problem within the allotted time will receive 20 points.
  • Furthermore, a team that correctly solves the problem before the time has elapsed will receive an additional point for each remaining minute.
  • No points will be given for incorrect solutions. The contest, therefore, encourages teams to find correct solutions quickly.
  • Teams may resubmit once after an incorrect submission. Scoring for a correct answer on the second submission will be 10 points plus the time remaining.

Lunch and awards ceremony

  • Lunch will be a part of registration. You will have the choice to eat with the computer science department or eat elsewhere on K-State’s main campus.
  • An awards ceremony will follow the last round. HSPC shirts will be awarded for the top three teams in each division.


If you would like to help out at the annual Fall High School Programming Contest, please sign up for one or more shifts.

When: Nov. 3, 2021, time TBD
Where: TBD

Volunteering instructions:

A link will be provided once more information is available.